New Blog Theme

New Theme and Layout

As you can see I have completely overhauled my Game Dev blog. Originally I was using the Wyam's built in solid state theme which is pretty good for a free theme but I decided I wanted something more professional.

So I went and purchased a new theme and customised it to fit the Wyam workflow and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Game Pages

One of the main things you will notice different is I now have different types of pages. The first one I added was Game Pages. This allows me to quickly add details on games I have created and it will generate a page for them.

This was the main feature I really wanted to add because I had something similar for my old blog. This will make it easy for me to create a showcase of all of the games I have created and also pull out the exceptional ones I can use in a portfolio.

Tools pages

This is similar to game pages except as the name suggests it lists tools I have created.


This is a completely new section of the site which allows me to post sequential content that has multiple parts. This will support both YouTube content and text content (or mixed if I want to create both).

This is part of a big push I am going to try and do this year of creating new Tutorial content including YouTube tutorial series.

New things coming soon

In the following days/weeks I will be doing the following with this blog.


I am going to start filling out the Games section of my site with all the games I have created in the past. This is going to take me awhile as I have moved files from Dropbox to OneDrive and I am going to try and upload them all to Itch.IO as a more reliable storage for them.


I am going to set this site up to work with SSL. Main reason for this is the fact Google will rank sites that http only down. Previously I had no need to worry about it since I only serve static content and non of it is sensitive in nature.


I will re-enable Disqus comments soon on both this blog and my tech blog.

Tech Blog

I will no doubt apply some of the fixes I applied to this site to my tech blog too. I also will make special page types of PowerShell modules, libraries etc.

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